October, 2013

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Stone Wave Cooker

Do you love fluffy Cheese Omelets, scrumptious baked Apple Desserts, savory French Onion Soup, or even Chocolate Soufflé? Now you can make delicious gourmet food in minutes right in you microwave with Stone Wave! It’s the new microwave cooking miracle.

Slice an apple, then add cinnamon, butter, and sugar, and cook for two minutes in the microwave. It smells like homemade apple pie! You can even top it with ice cream for a delightful dessert. Core a sweet onion, add butter and a Bouillon Cube, pop it in the microwave, and after just three minutes you won’t believe the heavenly aroma. Cut it up for tasty toppings, or a French Onion Soup that will be bursting with flavor.

The secret is the specially designed chimney that allows steam to escape while the custom dome circulates heat evenly, infusing flavor into food. Best of all, the ceramic surface is non-stick, so there is no need for butter, fats, or oil. It is simply the best way to make eggs. Just put them in the microwave for two minutes and you have the perfect fluffy omelette, sprinkle some cheese on it, then just cover for a few seconds and it melts like magic.

Standard microwaves fit four Stone Waves, so you can cook for the whole family. Poached eggs are great, but what a pain to make. Just pop an egg in the stone wave and in just one minute you have got a smooth velvety perfectly poached egg. It’s all right in the Stone Wave Recipe Book. Dozens of 5 minute recipes, so quick and easy that anyone can cook like a pro.

You’ll get the amazing Stone Wave made of Ceramic Stoneware with a special hollow handle that stays cool enough to hold, plus all the recipes. It is an incredible value for just $10. Order now and you can double your order, that’s two for the price of one!

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